Inclusive gymnastic programs for all ages & abilities

Advanced Skills Class Ages 11-14 (Formerly Junior High Workshop)

Location: BGA of Waunakee

Priority registration: October 2, 2024

Open registration: October 9, 2024

Advanced Skills Class: Ages 11 to 14

The Advanced Skills Class is for girls 11 – 14 years of age and is designed for gymnasts who want to continue their gymnastics progress and be in the gym for a longer period of time than our Skills Classes.

Senior High School Workshop: Ages 14 to 18

The Senior High Workshop is for girls 14-18 years of age and is designed for gymnasts who participate with their high school gymnastics team. This class is offered in the “off-season” (Fall, Spring and Summer) for athletes to improve their skill, their strength, and their endurance to become better high school athletes. Our coaches will use proper progression and techniques to endure the safety of our athletes. They will also have an understanding of the high school rules and requirements to help gymnasts build season ready routines. It is our goal to physically and mentally train gymnasts to feel prepared as they enter their high school gymnastics season.