Inclusive gymnastic programs for all ages & abilities


Since 1976, Badger Gymnastics Academy (BGA) has offered a wide variety of gymnastics and tumbling classes for students of all ages and abilities in the Madison, Wisconsin area. 

Jessie Carlson, the owner of BGA, has been a fixture at the gym since she was a child.  Her father, Joel Alberti, was the original Program Director of Badger Gymnastics Academy when BGA first opened more than 30 years ago, and eventually became a part-owner. 

Joel was instrumental in bringing the popular youth gymnastics classes to BGA, and developed the curriculum for the classes that have evolved into the “Tumbleweeds” program today.  The current competitive team coach, Tom Nikl, has been with BGA since its founding.

Today, Badger Gymnastics Academy offers instruction to a wide range of ages and abilities:  from toddlers through adults, and from beginners through gymnasts competing at the team level.  BGA offers 2 full-sized gyms, an observation room, a pro-shop, and a competitive team sanctioned by USA Gymnastics.

The gym has always focused on providing excellent gymnastics instruction in an inclusive, fun, and safe environment.