Inclusive gymnastic programs for all ages & abilities

Tumbling Only

Location: BGA of Waunakee

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Tumbling is fun and beneficial to many different types of sports and activities. Whether it’s dance, cheer, martial arts, this class will focus on the proper progressions of tumbling skills.

Tumbling 1 (For beginners) – This class is for students who are just starting their tumbling journey. We will begin with rolls, cartwheels, handstands and round-offs just to name a few skills. We will also focus on strength, body awareness, and flexibility. All of which are necessary for proper gymnastic progression.

Tumbling 2 (Experience required) – No tumbler is too advanced for basics! This class will begin with all of the skills listed in the “Beginner” description, but we will quickly advance to more complex skills. The tumbling progressions we teach will build on each other. Every tumbler must start with a solid foundation in order to progress! Our coaching staff will ensure that each individual is challenged.


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