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How old do kids have to be to try gymnastics?

Often times I get asked, “How old do kids have to be to try gymnastics?” Parents are always suprised when they hear me say, “1 and walking”. Toddlers just over the age of 1 are ready to explore the world around them through touch, curiocity, climbing, stimulation and encouragement.

As parents we want our kids to have the best start on life. I belive one of our vital roles is to introduce our little ones to new experiences as they learn more about the world around them.

Gymnastics helps provide your little one with the opportunity to explore and develop their balance by walking on a balance beam. It can help build grip strength in their little hands by hanging on the bar. We will work on the coordination of 2 foot jumping on a trampoline. But more importantly, we want to celebrate every achievement our little ones experience.

Whether it’s learning our body parts, singing a song, counting to 10, or learning to forward roll, the sport of gymnastics helps build self esteem in kids and celebrate the “I DID IT!” moments!

By participating in gymnastics at an early age, parents are helping their child get a jump start on living an active and healthy life.