Do you offer discounts?

Multiple child discount: Badger Gymnastics customers will receive a $10 second child discount if multiple children are enrolled before the session begins in our 12 week sessions. This discount only applies to children in one family under the same account. If you choose to drop your enrollment at any point in the session, you loose the discount.

Multiple class discounts: Tumbleweed’s enrolled in more than one class per week receive a $40 discount on the second day. Students enrolled in Skills Classes, Tumbling Classes or other additional classes receive a $45 discount on the second day.

*If you are not current with your bill according to the session dates, you will not be eligible for discounts. Customers must enter a new session with a zero balance in order to be eligible for the discounts listed above.

**Due to our short summer sessions, we do not offer the second child discount or the second day discount.