Our goal at BGA is for each client to feel that they are a part of the larger Badger Gymnastics family. We offer inclusive programs for all ages and abilities. At Badger, we teach gymnastics in a way that is fun and goal-oriented.

We believe that the benefits of learning gymnastics include improvements in coordination, body awareness, and most importantly self-confidence.  Gymnastics has universal qualities that we all use in other sports and activities throughout life.

Every student at Badger has the opportunity to experience the unique sport of gymnastics in a fun and safe environment. Whether a student wants to participate for fun and to learn basic skills, or if a student wants to move on through the competitive ranks, BGA has a place for each and every athlete.

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For the Summer of 2021 Badger Gymnastics and Swim West will be running summer camps seperately. COVID has caused our business to improvise and be creative to survive and thrive.

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