USAG Competitive Teams

While team isn't for everyone, we do offer the opportunity to kids with the desire, strength, and skill necessary for competitive gymnastics.

Our program operates under the sanction of USA Gymnastics, the national governing body of our sport, and ranges from Level 2 to our Optional program.

With a head coach who has over 30 years experience, along with a highly experienced staff, Badger's teams have enjoyed great success since 1979.

Membership to our team program is by invitation only. Each November we hold a tryout/evaluation for gymnasts interested in team. In January, we add accepted athletes to either our Level 3 or our "Badger Mini" programs.

USAG Competitive Team Program Highlights

Sanctioned by USA Gymnastics

Teams from Level 4 to Optional

Competitive Success Since 1979

Head Coach with Over 30 Years Experience

"Being on the BGA Team has been a wonderful experience for our girls. Beyond the skills and physical growth, they have also learned to feel comfortable to challenge themselves and that it is OK to make mistakes. And, the coaches have created a safe, positive environment where each girl feels included, respected, is ecouraged to try new skills, and is appreciated for her uniqueness."                                                        

-Casey Samz, Parent



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