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Dear Badger of Oregon Families,

After nearly 5 years of serving incredible kids and families at the Oregon location, we are pained to inform you that will be closing our doors to our Oregon gym at the end of the Spring Session. Our lease ends in June and A Leap Above Dance Studio will be expanding their studio into the space we now occupy. We've exhausted every possibility to continue, but due to a lack of staff and no ideal spaces available we have no choice but to close the gym.
We appreciate the support you've shown us over the years and have we've loved serving your community. It has been our pleasure watching your little ones grow and we hope you know that this is very hard for us too.

As a thank you to our families for your support, we'd love to offer you $50 off your next session (whenever that may be) at Badger either at the Madison location or the Waunakee location. This offer will not expire until you use it so feel free to use it at anytime.

Jessie Carlson
Owner of Badger Gymnastics


Hours of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
9 AM – 12 PM

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
4 PM - 7PM

9 AM - 12 PM

Front Office Closed

In Oregon, we will have limited office hours. Please contact us at our Madison office if you are unable to connect with our Oregon staff.


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